Raising Development Funds Using Ping Pong

Developing and emerging nations have a financial deficit in most of their development projects, for this reason, they are forced to raise funds through Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs, Civil Society Organization, donors, sponsors, and well-wishers. Ping pong tournament is one event they use to raise funds and attract a diverse audience to showcase their programs and create awareness for the need of the funds.

The ping pong equipment for a tournament can be customized to portray the theme of the event at the same time they should vary in sizes to suit children and adults in equal measure. Any ping pong tournament should have numerous ping pong equipment to cater for all participants. To add glamor to the event, the organizers should invite renowned table tennis players, it is a marketing tool to increase participation.


How to raise development funds through Ping Pong tournament

Selling merchandise

Tailored wristbands, T-shirts, booklets, among others are some merchandise you can opt to sell during the event as a way of raising funds for the noble course. The organizers should categorize them into different prices and colors to suit different income levels of the participants.

Entry fees

Entry fees on arrival help to collect funds for the development projects. Will this be enough? It depends on the amount of money you wish to collect at the end of the event.

Event sponsorship and partnerships

It is expensive to raise funds for development; sponsors and donors come in handy to meet the financial deficit. It could be through partnerships and sponsorship of the event and development funds as well.

Marketing automation

The digital marketing automation tools have various features to help create a database of your target audience to relay information on the noble course. With these, the event organizers can curb participants in the international market. If the website is integrated with various online payment systems, it is a complete sales process.


How can you organize a ping pong event without serious table tennis competition? This is the point you get to recognize and reward talent and unique table tennis skills. It is a motivating factor not only for fun: but also to entertain participants.

If there are renowned table tennis players than standard tennis tables should be used to portray an international ping pong competition. The tennis table occupies a small space and can work for both indoor and outdoor functions. The small space occupancy is an added advantage to enhance participation of all the attendees. The tennis table is portable allowing participants to carry their own to the venue just in case there could shortage.

The theme of the event should also be tailored in the tennis table to enhance social presence now that the era of social media. The sharing facility helps to create awareness of the development agenda hence a passive follower can opt to help without even participating. This is only possible when there are comprehensive details about the event, including contact details and physical addresses for follow-up. Raising development funds requires other functions just like marketing strategies.

Email Automation for Businesses in Santa Monica

Email automation is the talk in the marketing platforms. Any business without it, portray to leave in the ancient ages. Santa Monica is a business entity can surely use marketing automation tools to advertise and promote their businesses to increase sales. The features in the marketing software can be is help to businesses since it will improve their presence not only in the local market but also in the global market. There are lots of websites who do reviews for email marketing, one of those are Authority Automation’s comparison of every tools.

Technology in the marketing automation tools are effective and can reach a larger audience within a short time. It overrides the traditional marketing strategies where thing are done manually and you entirely depend on print and audiovisual media to market. The disadvantages of these are solved using marketing software.


Email Campaigns

Santa Monica can run Email campaigns for each business within the community with an aim of advertising some of the services they offer. At the end of the Email campaigns, you link it to Santa Monica website so that they can look at other services within the community, which can be of interest. Every sign up of the Email campaigns the marketing software captures and becomes a subscribers list and contacts for the subscriber for all future communication.

Lead Generation

The businesses in the Santa Monica community have a way they get contacts of clients who visit their premises. Ontraport was the best choice for business that could help for email marketing. The management can use this to create a huge database for contacts and communication of any future events. Marketing is communication and communication to be complete you need contact, Marketing automation acts as a forum to collect contacts, classify them to different themes for customized Email campaigns and communications.

Online Sales

The marketing automation technology allows you to complete sales online through different online payment systems linked to the marketing automation software. Once a client makes a decision to purchase a product, he can so it through the link to the website of the business and complete a sale including shipping costs. No traveling costs required.

Increased Audience

Some of the marketing automation software are linked to social media pages. The power of social Media platforms like Facebook cannot be underrated it provides massive audience which when used appropriately can form 60% of all sales for businesses in Santa Monica.

Content Marketing

Santa Monica does not have to run advertisements for their businesses all the time. It becomes monotonous. Marketing automation helps you to build content, which educates your market on pros and cons of your products, psychologically, it improves sales without any external force.

Which is the best marketing automation software for Santa Monica?

The choice of the best marketing automation kit depends on the marketing budget, expectations of the marketing automation software and the number of subscribers. All these are in different packages. Santa Monica management should carry out due diligence on different marketing automation software available in the market before they make a decision to acquire on. Being a complex business, a comprehensive marketing automation tool is advisable to cater for all businesses in the setup.