The Santa Monica Civic Auditorium

An auditorium serves several purposes in the creative art industry. You can host a live performance, watch a movie, or use it for your function’s venue. Are you a movie lover? Are you looking for an outdoor event to spend your weekend?

If you find yourself in California, then the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium is the place to be. The multipurpose convention center plays a host of many movie displays and live performances. One unique thing about the building is the architectural design.

From the entrance to the hallways to the auditoriums and social halls, you detect a professional touch of design for both interiors and exteriors. Beckett Welton- the lead designer, took time to build and include creative designs in both the outlook and inside look of the auditorium to portray the traditional and modern touch in its construction.

Multipurpose Convention Center

The main hall of the Civic Auditorium is adaptable for not only trade shows, but also sporting events, concerts, meetings, awards shows, and even other events. Each part of the auditorium has a unique architectural style. As a concert venue, it can seat 3,000, One memorable performance was by Pink Floyd on the 1st of May 1970.

Due to demand and comfort, it became a one-stop spot for music, drama, movie, and film performances.
The city-owned project estimated to cost the city $2.9 million is renowned as Santa Monica’s home.

Welton David Beckett

Is an Americal born in 1902 and lived for 67 years. In California alone, you have countless buildings due to the work of his hands. The Washington Born American studied at the University of Washington under the architecture program in 1927.

It held a Bachelor of Architecture Degree from the same University. At 31 years, he moved to Los Angeles. He had a strong partnership with the University together with Walter Wurdeman- his classmate.

Eight years later, the association had its first fruit, the Pan- Pacific Auditorium. That was the eye-opener for celebrities in the film industry. A lot of corporate headquarters bears their name as the lead architects, including Bullocks Pasadena, in 1944.

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