5 Tips For Delivering a Great Speech at a Business Convention

Google how to deliver a great speech, and you’ll undoubtedly find tons of results, which might confuse you. You’d get lots of rules listed with each promising you a “powerful” result. Where should you then turn your sail? Well, I could have done likewise. I could have given you a plethora of “rules and tips” for a great speech promising you a killer result. But I won’t do that.

A business convention is no joke. An event where you’d meet fellow workmates, influential executives, top personnel, and many other like-minded individuals can have a life-changing impact. Now you’ve been graced to be not only a participant but the speaker. And you have to do all you can to make your speech strike through.

You’ve got to impress and, at the same time, pass your message to your audience. I’ve carefully carved out simple tips that you can quickly recollect anytime, anywhere, for a great speech. These tips are from my personal rich experience and not the usual rules that you might expect. I’ve been there; I know how it feels. And I can help you too. Let’s check them out, respectively.

1. Personality

If you study carefully, you’ll find out this is one of the most potent secrets of great speakers. Great speakers only speak about what they care about and are interested in sharing with others. Before you deliver a talk or speech at a business convention, you’ve to determine whether your intended topic is in sync with your principles.

Do you have any particular interest in the topic? Beyond the neat and smart dress, and the eloquent grammar, your listeners can see whether you’re also interested in what you’re talking about and not only out to impress them. After all, why would you want people to listen to a topic you aren’t interested in yourself? Therefore, always remember your listeners are people too, and you aren’t only out to impress them.

2. Preparation

I can’t overemphasize the importance of excellent preparation for any events or activities. When you practice beforehand, it makes it easier for you to flow effectively, and you’re likely to be more organized. “It usually takes me more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech,” says Mark Twain. Therefore, engage in proper preparations and organize your speech before the convention day.

A business convention won’t likely get slated overnight, so take your time, do your research, and know all you can about your topic. You can practice before a fictitious audience in a hall before the event or before family and friends. It’s up to you to determine the best preparation technique that suits you most. But no matter which you choose, ensure you practice adequately.

3. Confidence

That three-syllable word “Con-fi-dence,” never forget it. You can’t master confidence overnight, and neither is it a fantasy, you’ve to train yourself at it. Don’t worry, if you’re a beginner or even an expert, it is usual to feel nervous before a presentation. Still, your nervousness decreases, and your confidence increases as you continue the performance. Likewise, consider getting a mid-range espresso maker into your home. And before you venture out for the convention, take one or two cups of espresso to relax your mind, calm your mood, and mitigate tension. I assure you it works.

During your presentation, avoid hiding behind the podium, the pulpit can help timid speakers to conceal their knocking knees and shaking hands, but you aren’t one. Radiate happiness; let your audience see your joy, thereby making them happy too. Remember, your audience doesn’t care about a perfect speaker as much as they do for a speaker that would leave an impact. And you can.

4. Simplicity

Many people assume delivering a great speech is all about using eloquent grammar and speaking for a long, long period without winking an eye. However, the reverse is the case.  Consider delivering a great speech made up of a precise, relevant message and great stories for illustration. Telling Stories is an effective means to hook your audience and stamp your message on their minds.

It isn’t about the length of your speech; it’s about leaving an impact on your audience. Have a clear message (basically three main points) and relate your address with your audience. Let them see how your speech can affect their lives positively. With that, you can keep them engaged until you complete the presentation.

5. Demonstration

Avoid standing behind the podium and merely reading from a whitelist. Engage in body movements to pass your message and avoid boredom, and ensure you don’t repeat the same body movements. Demonstrate your words reasonably. A powerful way to engage your audience is through eye-contact.

Psychology has called eye-contact the most potent form of non-verbal communication, which you can use to your advantage. However, don’t exchange eye-contact with the same individual or groups repeatedly as it can make others feel neglected. Also, your posture matters, stand straight, keep your shoulders back, and avoid slouching.


Delivering a great speech doesn’t necessarily have to be an inborn talent. Through self-mastery and practice, you can reach that stage of providing a grand statement with all fun. Keep to the simple tips here and give your address at your dream level.

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