Events: Ping Pong Robots Expo At Santa Monica Auditorium

Robots were the best technology that came up to replace human presence in some crucial cases. When playing ping pong, there is time as you may wish to involve in […]

Santa Monica Civic Auditorium 50th Anniversary

Santa Monica Civic Auditorium was opened in 1958 during the summer season. It took the second position in Los Angeles Area.The eminent domain played a significant role in securing the […]

How to Organize a Ping Pong Competition in your Community

Life, game, and community are interconnected because our neighbors are like a friend, companion and relatives with whom we can spend some quality time So to let bounce ball of […]

Business Ideas That Can Be Started At Home

If you are good at making sweets you should consider starting a home-based business and design gourmet chocolates. The items you can design, create, and sell include coffee stirrers, lollipops, […]

Best Public Place for Foosball Community Event

Most people are aware of what foosball is It’s a fun game that many enjoy playing. The great thing about foosball is that it is easy to learn but hard […]

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Best Public Place for Foosball Community Event

Foosball is a game that brings people together as they interact and strengthen relationships. Whatever the event whether cultural, educational, and community function; foosball fits well into the gathering. A clear […]

Don’t miss to drink natural juice in Santa Monica

Do you want to get out of Santa Monica without quenching your thirst with natural juice? If yes, then you don’t know what you are missing. Restaurants in Santa Monica […]

Community care of a tortoise and how to potty train a tortoise

Are you thinking of keeping a tortoise as a pet? If this is the case, there are a number of things that you need to keep in your mind. Caring […]

Raising Development Funds Using Ping Pong

Developing and emerging nations have a financial deficit in most of their development projects, for this reason, they are forced to raise funds through Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs, Civil Society Organization, […]