Events: Ping Pong Robots Expo At Santa Monica Auditorium

Robots were the best technology that came up to replace human presence in some crucial cases. When playing ping pong, there is time as you may wish to involve in the physical sport but you lack a player. This is the point you opt to use ping pong robots to practice. How will you choose the best robot for the game? The market has unlimited options, you need to visit an expo to get a variety in a one-stop event to aid in making the decision. Santa Auditorium serves as the best place for this; it has a large space that can accommodate a multitude of people.

Here are five tips that can make a ping pong robots expo at Santa Monica Auditorium successful

Advertise and market the event

People will only know of a planned event when you advertise and market it. There are many forms of marketing. The choice depends on the target audience. The more the ways you choose the better the participation. You can opt to use both analog and digital marketing technologies to achieve the objective. The analog ones include the old print and audio media, although they are expensive but worth especially for radio stations around the Auditorium. It is disappointing for people to come from all walks of life to attend an event and the locals are missing in action.

 Incorporate relevant entities

As much as it is a table tennis event, there are some crucial industries that need to be involved. People need to eat and the hospitality industry is paramount. You need to organize with outside caterers on how they will feed the people at a fee. This is a business opportunity for them that you will not lack participants. Water companies, as well as renowned table tennis players, can also grace the event with motivational speeches.

Use social media to create awareness

There is power is social media when it comes to dissemination of information. People love showing off, and if you create an event on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest among others about the expo, you will be surprised by the interested parties who would love to participate either directly or indirectly. The advantage of this form of media is affordability. Just one post an reach a varied audience and remember there is also the advantage of the sharing facility on most social media platforms.

Advance planning

The success of this expo lies in advanced planning. People have different schedules and the earlier you advertise the even the better for participants t book on their diary such that in case there is any other event someone will easily postpone now that the expo is part of their business. Planning involves sending Email campaigns, booking the auditorium, sending invitation letters to guests among others.

Provide incentives and free goodies

Who hates free things? When people get to know that there is free stuff or reduced prices for advanced tickets, definitely they will run for it. As the expo organizer makes sure there are some free stuff or accessories that accompany participation. It could be in the form of competitions. Discounts for advance tickets will give you a rough idea of the number of people you expect to participate in the event.

Event organizers come in handy for such occasions. Your work is to share the goals and objectives of the expo and they will use their creativity and knowledge to give you the best service. In addition, you need to get the needs of the market (participants) to accommodate them in the routine and functions.

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