How to Organize a Ping Pong Competition in your Community

Life, game, and community are interconnected because our neighbors are like a friend, companion and relatives with whom we can spend some quality time So to let bounce ball of friendship and togetherness in your community organizing a pong competition is the best option. Organizing Ping Pong Competition in your community is a great way to boost the morale of people living around.

“Hustle and hit and never quit “as ping pong teaches push hard, keep moving on and never quit. Organizing Ping Pong Competition in your community will bring the feeling of togetherness, mutual understanding, and competitive feel and most importantly gives the motivation to give your best.

For Organizing Ping Pong Competition in your community few points are to be kept in mind for organizing a successful event.
Competition should be scheduled according to everyone’s convenience as on which date and time are suitable for everyone.
The prize for the winner should be there or not because it is a friendly competition.

The arrangement of necessary equipment is to be insured before.
Rulebook should be given to every to make them familiar with rules and to prevent disagreement during the game.
Ensure that everyone is familiar with the format of the competition,

Selection of players to divide groups according to age.

A friendly Ping pong competition among members of the community is a like a gift for everyone and motivation for people who have player’s spirit to “outbitbeats outhit “. Ping pong competition in the community actually gives a message that ping together with love and peace otherwise “its on like ping-pong “game of ball moving here and there.

For Organizing Ping Pong Competition in your community equipment are to be arranged before to make competition successful as ‘Victory requires payment in advance “. Equipment to be arranged before is:

Ping Pong balls should be unlimited to let the competition go smoothly as most balls get the roll away and some gets cracks and some gets stepped on Ping Pong paddles should be good in number to make competition less time taking and many players can play at one time And paddles should be of different types.

Ping Pong tables should be multiple in number so that competition can go fast and smooth.
Brackets should be of both small and high to keep competition healthy and of different levels.
Prize can be arranged if needed, though everyone is a winner but to motivate prize is quite good.
Ping pong is completely a game of hit and tricks to defend and counter. And the winner is always one so “Paddle Master “need to have a good ping pong paddle to hit them hard. Type of paddles should be arranged before to keep the spirit of competition on because everyone “Plays like a champion “.

Organizing Ping Pong Competition in your Community is going to be quite healthy competition as some are beginners and some plays like professional. So to inspire every player type of competition is also need to be decided before. As there are various types of it such as double knock out, single knock out, and progressive knockout. At community level progressive knockout is good as it gives the chance of playing with each other to every player of the game.

As the community has different age group too so to keep competition fair and healthy age group should be divided accordingly or on basis of perfection in game.

So for Organizing Ping Pong Competition in your Community, all these are to be considered and arranged before to make competition successful and to bring community members together.

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